i missed the last soundcloud's survey, i wonder if i could do this survey somehow

  • 23 March 2018
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the survey actually popped out at my phone and i was doing that and i was liking the questions because it really looked that it would help developers and producers (like me) but the problem was that a friend called me while i was at the 9th question i guess and after that the survey vanished of my screen and it didnt pop out again. im just wondering if i can do the survey again somehow because i really liked it, thanks

2 replies

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Hi @DYLAN411,

Sorry about this. I've checked in with our UX Research team, but unfortunately, there is not an option to fill out that survey. The good news is, the team sends out surveys on a regular basis.

If you have specific feedback, feel free to create a topic in our "Ideas for SoundCloud" subforum here on the community 🙂

All the best to you