I've been followed by someone odd on SoundCloud.

  • 25 April 2019
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I wasn't really sure what to use as a title for this but whatever. I recently made a SoundCloud account for music purposes. Seconds after making a playlist of sounds I wanted to listen to I received a notification telling me I have a new follower. When I clicked on the person who was following me It showed a female nearly naked.
She had linked some pictures which I assume are sexual. I'm underage and I'm honestly uncomfortable rn. I'm not sure what to do and if this is allowed on sound cloud.

2 replies

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Hi there Aiyanna,

First of all, welcome to SoundCloud and to the Help Community. I've reached out to our Trust & Safety team and they made sure said user is now suspended, as this is indeed a breach of our Terms of Use and accounts like this are usually fake and considered spam.

If this happens again, please block & report the account as outlined on this article on the Help Center:

Thank you and all the best
Thanks! They're gone now.