i want upload my new remix song.. T,T Please

  • 31 August 2017
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hi i’m HYE SUNG
I tried to upload my new remix to my sound cloud.
However, the sound cloud blocked the upload due to copyright problems, so I upload an write
I am very eager and I need your permission to upload.
I'm remixing the song "imagine dragons - believer"
I pray that my remix song will come out to the world
When I search, it seems that other people have changed the pitch or uploaded it as it is.
I think I can do it. I have no intention of taking commercial advantage with this.
It's just my satisfaction.
If I do not get this, I think I should ban all other songs as well as other believer remix songs that have not been officially approved.
I really appreciate it. I really love the sound cloud.
i want upload my remix song ..!!! T,T

1 reply

hey same thing happened to me also if you find out anything please reply back to me