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  • 2 January 2017
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Hi! I'm kuenchii! I noticed that the form for getting the URL from an inactive user is now gone, and I was wondering if there was any other way that I could get the URL for I love making music and I think it would be better if I had the URL without anything else attached to it (e.g. dnb, music, edm, official, etc.). The person hasn't done anything in the past 2 years and has no tracks uploaded. I just want some help with this. Thank you!

3 replies

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Hi kuenchii,

Unfortunately, I can only refer to this article on our Help Center. 😕 I've also checked the URL you're going for, and I'm not able to free up this URL, as it belongs to another active user.
Hi Mathis,

For my future reference, could you please clarify what an "active user" is? It may differ from your point of view, as you most likely do indeed have access as a moderator to information we don't, but it seems to me that not participating in comments/reposts/posts/likes/followings for around two years is sufficiently inactive.
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Hi there paperdreams,

Good point. Hmm, let's see, I'll try to explain it like that: if a user account is not deleted by the user themselves, or suspended or terminated by SoundCloud, we have to assume the account is still active and cannot overrule their right to maintain that URL, i.e. cannot free up the URL.

A URL could get stuck unavailable when it's deleted, suspended, terminated etc., in which case we can help and check on our end what the root cause is and whether or not we can free up that URL again (which again, is dealt with on a case by case basis).

I hope this helps clarifying this.