Inactive Username Request

  • 19 September 2017
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Hi, I'd like to request to take a username for an account that is inactive -

As you can see, they have no likes, followers, posts, or even a picture. They do not use Soundcloud.

The Inactive Profile Url Form has been removed, so this is largely my only hope.

I would like to request to take that username.

Thank you,

4 replies

Is there any way to resolve this? I'm also in the same boat.
@Mathis can you please look into this?
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Hi BLUE_mp3,

Apologies, but of the user does not respond to a personal message that you can sent via the small envelope button on their profile (right hand side under the banner), there's little we can do from our end.

Please see here for more info:
@Mathis pleaseeeeee!!!! ....or anyone..
Hello Hello
I'm DBOB, Damian Robert, and I'm in review to get "DBOB" Trademarked as an entertainer.
I'm hoping to acquire @DBOB on all the platforms now, SoundCloud being the MOST IMPORTANT. Currently on soundcloud I'm "" (@itsDBOB)
I want to change it to "" (@DBOB)
Not to mention the current "DBOB" account is more than inactive. Check their last log-in and how many times over the years I have messaged them personally, No answer. They're Not a soundcloud user.
I'm more than a user. I love this platform, I pass out cards with the SoundCloud logo on them daily.

Please and Thank You to anyone who can help me out!!