International Talent Booking is a scam

  • 29 September 2017
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yes, they are cheap
I saw some of their videos and they are really basic. What they does is very easy.
I can do better videos than :P
Yeah, the same guys who contacted me to make a promotional video for 400 dollars. One of these scammers work in a company called Gloo Studios, the creator of this thread , he is Alexander Reid.
After a small search, it seems clear what happens. They contact artists to make videos and charge them for it. The subject in question is responsible for animating videos and making music, with their corresponding commission. I think Alexander is trying to discredit other agencies by simply stealing customers. Just my opinion.
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The account that created this thread is trying to impersonate me and has produced the defamatory image you see linked. We are indeed real ( or this thread has been created as revenge for uncovering a scam agency called "Kangaroo Bookings". You can find proof that it is a scam here:

Just to clarify check the username of the account that created this thread "Moon melt" - obviously a fake account and not mine. All of the accounts on here are fake; read the moderator note on reddit for even more clarification.

Also, feel free to message me if you have any questions or doubts.