Is our production server getting IP blocked?

  • 31 August 2018
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Hi there. I'm working on a webdevelopment company focusing on Python/Django development and we've lost the ability to use your API when moving our (first) soundcloud-integrating project from our staging to our production server.

It was strange at first but while debugging we did a wget and it triggered a 500 Internal Error (pic attached). wgetting from our staging server works fine

As far as I know we're being responsible on our use of the soundcloud API (it's our first integration) and we're using django-embed-video ( to turn a link into an embed code. Looking through the backend didn't raise any red flags.

Our IP is in the range. Can you confirm if it's being blocked and if so, can you unblock it? We can send you our full IP.

Thank you

5 replies

Update: We're not actually using any API. django-embed-video is requesting the url through
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Hi @maikkano sorry for the late reply. I have reached out to our engineers for further investigation and have now received confirmation that the IP range of said provider is indeed blocked due to a lot of spam coming from that end 😕
Hello @Mathis,
This range belongs to OVH France and we also have a cluster with this provider. All requests to APIs are blocked. Would it be possible to allow two IPs from this range.
I can send you this IPs in private.

Thank you very much for your help,
Jean Diaconu
I've the same problem form the same provider Can you help us @Mathis ?

Same error here on my server... You can't ban a WHOLE hosting company because some ppl are doing shitty stuff... This is really uncool...

Our servers are hosted on OVH (one of the European leader), there should be a way for us to prove we're not going to spam soundcloud in any ways but we have legit usage...