Is there any chance that our account would be deleted?

  • 14 August 2015
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Dear Sirs,
about 10 days ago we uploaded Mednas's guest mix on SoundCloud and a day after we uploaded it, SoundCloud send us message that Universal Music Group reported copyright infrigement and they takedown mix.
We tried to upload that mix 2 more times and we got same message and same actions.
In the meantime we tried to contact SoundCloud to help us to solve this situation.
However, today we got message that since we didn't gave dispute, our account got strike. Immediately we contacted SoundCloud again, but we don't give a hope that they will reply us soon.
Why are we writing you?
Since we tried to upload same guest mix for a 3 times, we have a fear that every upload attempt for the same mix can be consider as individual, so we are very upset that we can loose our account on SoundCloud for next 2 times that we tried to upload guest mix.
It would be very helpful if you can help us with this situation reaching SoundCloud and explain them situation or to point them on us.
Upload attempts were on 6th, 7th and 10th of August.
We suppose that today we got strike for first attempt, so we are affraid that we could get 2 more strikes (deleting of account tomorrow or in next few days) because we tried to upload same guest mix.
For sure that we'll delete every track/mix/etc. that has copyrights infrigement because we don't want to risk safety of our account. This is first that we are facing with this copyright situation and first time that we have situation where same mix is uploaded 3 times.
We built this account for a 2 years so we are asking you to help us somehow.

Thank you.

Best Regards

2 replies

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Hi Vulver Records,

Thank you for writing in about this. I see that you've gotten in touch via email as well, and the Copyrights team has most recently reached back to you. Copyright matter are best discussed with the team directly, so it's perfect that you've reached out via email to them.

All the best
*Also we are Premier Partner's so for sure that we wouldn't risk our status because copyright infrigement.