Is this a valid copyright?

  • 1 December 2017
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Hello there, I'm new onto the community. My name in soundcloud is Sacchan L_L and you can call me Dissa or Sacchan. Nice to meet you. I recently got a serious problem with my account.

I uploaded Love Live Mashups in my account. Love Live songs are licensed below Lantis. Before today, my audios are fine and Lantis was fine with me. But as for today ALL OF MY AUDIOS are suddenly deleted. Then when I check my email, it written like picture below

The thing that makes me confused are two, first why it happened today, not when the audio was uploaded. And second is this the real artist of lantis because the other Love Live tracks aren't deleted.

Also before this two of my tracks also get that email and deleted. I was sure that this is the fake Lantis, I file a dispute, but my dispute is rejected and I got my strikes .-. I really need help about my account. I'm not sure that this 'artist of lantis' is the real Lantis. Because there was one real copyright deletion before these. Like this one:

I really curious about this 'artist of Lantis'. Can my account be saved from deletion? Thank you for your attention. I'll appreciate them.

(If I made mistake from this question I'll be sorry)

1 reply

More of this 'artist of lantis' strikes (also note that Lantis isn't making Love Live mashups):

(And for actual there are around 40 of them)