It says i'm over my upload limit, the times aren't adding up

  • 17 June 2015
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Says I'm over my upload limit by 7 minutes, but when I visit the tracks page, the times don't add up. It's only showing me 4 tracks, 1:07:03, 35:46, 37:55, and 27:48. The last track was removed due to copyright. Not sure if this is counting against me. And one of my hidden tracks isn't showing in this list. Am I missing something?

8 replies

i only have 68 minutes upload and im over 11 minutes. cant upload anything else
Same here, barely got 2 hours 30 mins and apparently I'm 18 mins over the limit??
Then they deleted half my original tracks because I uploaded 1 hour and thirty minutes and apparently that is "48 minutes over my three hour limit." What an absolute joke of a business plan. You guys are hurting a lot of artists. Your whole platform is killing the livlihood of musicians everywhere. What a massively deleterious affect your negligence is having on the entire industry. It's called a chilling effect and you are squashing dreams.
Still waiting to be acknowledged even though I paid for a pro account for three years.
How is it this hard to contact them to get them to fix their mistake?
I have same problem and Soundcloud is powerless to help. 3 hours my ass. I barely have an hour and half uploaded and half my stuff is invisible. Moreover they flagged a private mix I never ever released to the public and now I cant delete it because it is flagged.
Hi Gina my soundcloud also says I'm over my 3 hour limit. When I've only now got one file of 2 hours. Can you help?
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Hey Grapes,

Just had a look and it looks like you have 32 minutes available, let me know if you are still seeing something different.