Leak of User Data

  • 2 January 2017
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Hey there. So after getting the password reset notice due to Soundcloud finding a leak of my user data in another service I want to know what this service was? Who leaked my data? How do they find out about it? What exactly was leaked? I can't find anything about this and their vague statement just leaves me with worries. Cause yea, sure, I've changed it but I want to know about what I shouldn't be using or what happened to help avoid this problem. It basically feels like when my bank account is on hold due to my pin being compromised from a modified pinpad but they won't tell me which business is the one that was compromised so as a result I end up being affected again. I'd like to be able to do more than just change one password.

1 reply

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Hi there Amoux,

Sorry about the confusion with this. Our Trust & Safety team has written up a blog post about this topic actually. You can find it here.

Hopefully, this will help. If you have remaining questions afterwards, you can reach out Trust & Safety team via trust[at], as they will be able to answer your questions most efficiently.