Likes disappearing

  • 8 January 2017
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So I went to my likes to notice that some songs I like a long time ago had surfaced the way to the top, I noticed that at least 100 of the songs I liked are gone and I am very disappointed and would like to get them back. Please help

23 replies

Same here! I'm actually pretty upset because I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to figure out what all is missing.

Also, it appears to have happened two different times in the past two nights. I noticed a song was missing yesterday. Re-added it. Noticed more of my songs missing tonight that I listened to last night.

SoundCloud, please respond?
Same keeps happening to me. Some songs I can like and when I go and update my collection, they disappear from the liked tracks. Then I can go right to the feed and like them again, and they will be there until i refresh my collection again. It's f****** annoying....
So... does SoundCloud even have people looking at these things? Or is just a void for problems? Should I expect my likes to never be fixed?
I think that song are disappearing because of the copyright issues. So that's why a lot of bootleg mix(remix) music is missing...well at least in my case.
Same here on several occasions where regular users have liked my songs yet didn't registered and the number of likes stay the same and their accounts have not been deleted either. Is there some sort of glitch in the system?
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Same for me...i can't believe that this bug report posted more than a year ago did not receive any answer by the team soundcloud ! It's just dismal !! So the number of my likes in my profile are's when i go to my oldest likes list collection page that i notice it was a little short to reach it ! So i decided to compt them one by one...Surprise ! In fact there are only 662 !!! As Yoshiba i'm not sure to be able to figure out what is missing.

Trust & Safety ?? Not realy i think...
I recently came back to Soundcloud then this shit started happening to me. Ready to go back to mp3s.
same problem, liked tracks are gone
Yup. Same here.
Ive had my list of likes for YEARS. (Since like 2012) and i have 4.5k in liked songs and playlists. I noticed that on my android phone, if i refresh the page my likes are on, a chunk of them will go missing. (This didnt happen when i was using my iPhone tho which is weird)
But heres why i believe its a glitch:
Even tho they dont show up on your likes, if you find the song again, it will still be checked off as if you liked it but its just not there. If you go to the menu button next to the heart button and pull up the quicklist ( the same page that has the repeat and shuffle buttons) youll see that the songs are still there... they just dont show on the actual like page for whatever reason.
After i figured that out, i was good n i canceled my hate letter to corporate lol
But last night i got logged out of my account randomly and when i logged in, i went from almost 5000 songs down to literally 78.
Im never gunna find those over songs again 😒. And it sucks because i LOVE soundcloud. One of the best music sites since imeem. But losing all my music is veryyyyy frustrating.
And like i said before, theyre not actually "gone", they just wont show. I looked up a few songs that i knew i had on my list and the heart is still orange and selected like its mine. Just not there. 😭

And the fact hella people are complaining about this (and have been for YEARS as im seeing on different posts) and nothin is bein done about it is kinda sad because ive actually used soundcloud pro and i NEVER PAY FOR ANY STREAMING SERVICES. Period.
Dont make me give up on you, SoundCloud.🙃
Same here! I have 316 saved tracks and the past month theyve gotten mixed up and some tracks have disappeared for no reason. Ill look up a saved track that i cant find and itll say the track is liked and saved but it wont show up on my list . Ive redone my liked playlist numerous time becuase of songs getting mixed up.
Soundcloud Team do something bro !!!!!
It happened to me just today.
Same here

But only on the browser version in the Android App they are still present.
Disappeared on browser only also
Same. Can't even like new tracks rn
UPDATE: I got my 180 likes back guys :)

Keep checking and hopefully it will resolve nicely for everyone.
Thank you Soundcloud!
Mine got also back after around 1-2 hours.
Still strange
I have lost all my likes as well! And playlists ... so what did you do to recover? To whom we should report? I have only left some profiles that I am following ... but not all! 😞
any help yet? This is really annoying for my stupid forgetful brain.
No... I have lost hope so I have started new likes and new playlists
I've had my account for about 5 years now. I completely lost all of my playlists and likes just over a year in and had to re-start. Then 3 years later I lost another whole 3 years of music, but a fair bit of my music from the first year reappeared in my likes.
I've been trying to remember my 3 years worth of songs but over the past few months. But particular songs keep disappearing no matter how many times I like them, and some will only come up in playlists (I can't find them in my likes).
On a platform where people put emojis, symbols and foreign languages in the titles of their uploads, this is incredibly annoying. I've spent days looking for one song with symbols in the title that has been deleted from my likes at least 10 times, it's driving me nuts please fix this
same problem here - my complete like list disappeared.
Here in 2019, having the same “songs and likes disappearing” bug. I had 322 songs in a playlist, and now there is only 6. This is annoying and frustrating, can someone please get on this.