Major follower drop after account reactivation?

  • 13 May 2017
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Hi SC team. Due to a tech malfunction I almost deleted my account but thankfully you guys were able to reactive it before any data loss ... The problem is, most of my followers are gone. I had something in the mid 300s of followers, and once I got my account back it dropped to 86! Is this a cache problem? A bug? I imagine some of those followers were bots and were probably excluded with my reintroduction, but there's no way there were 260 of those!

Would love any clarifications, and if possible, a solution!

All the best

4 replies

To reiterate how I'm pretty sure they were not bots, most of the "missing people" I met on Reddit and 4chan /mu/ and we organically gave feedback on each other's track. Plus, I only follow people who used to follow me, so if I follow 192 people, I should have 192 followers, unless they all combined to bulk unfollow me in a matter of a day! This is either a back end miscalculation on the app or a bug from account reactivation. It would be delightful to get this sorted. The email ticket I wrote I received literally a copy paste of the "We delete bots from time to time" FAQ that I didnt need to reach a human to read

all the best
*so if I follow 192 users, I should have at least 192 followers
Solved for no apparent reason, my followers went back to around 340! Thank you
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Hi Guy,

Glad to hear this could be solved in the meantime. If it comes down to an issue that is specific to your individual account, it might be beneficial to reach out directly to the support team via our contact form. :-)