Merging 2 profiles

  • 16 April 2017
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Hello I would like to know if it is possible to combine 2 profiles.
I have a new soundcloud as i changed my facebook ( I deleted mine last year). But recently I managed to log on to the old account. It doesnt have a great deal but I would like to have the things that are on there on my new account as that is now the only one i use.

8 replies

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Hi there,

@Oorlab - thanks for the helpful communication with smart indie about this one. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as outlined on this article on our help center, it is currently not possible to merge two accounts. :-/
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State that you have read
and have a specific question or request for new feature,
as discussed on the Soundcloudcommunity
Presumably I just email Or is there some other way?
Thanks Oorlab, I'd ended up with about 5 personal spotify accounts, all with different followers. Spotify were really good & merged all of them into one & keeping all of the followers. Merging an artist page with a personal account is also a great thing for musicians too.. If I can find out how to make a specific request to soundcloud I'll give that a go! Thanks again
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But you could ask - may be it will be a requested feature.
As far as Spotify is concerned: do you mean this?
apparently they have artist and user accounts.

Same situation as on bandcamp - there are two kind of accounts there. Sometimes confusing...
No, you're correct Oorlab. Soundcloud won't do this for us
Would it not be possible for the techies at soundcloud to do this properly? Spotify can do it, allowing you to keep followers, playlists etc...
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that can be tricky. But you can download from one profile, upload to the other profile. If you'd like to keep comments - you could copy them into descriptions.
But you would loose plays, reposts and likes.