Messages including the so-called "SC-Famous-Accounts-Network"

  • 17 June 2019
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Hi all, I've seen other posts with people getting this exact message, with the difference being their track was used in the title, from random accounts. From what I could tell most of the people getting these messages are smaller artists who I would guess could be more likely to do something like this if they were trying to become bigger or more known. My guess is that these are bot accounts possibly, and they copy/paste your track's name into their message(s) and then use random numbers for the fans and listener counts. I've seen a few other posts with these messages, but are they very common? Also did I go about replying right to this, or should I have ignored it entirely?

1 reply

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Hi Me0,

Unfortunately, spam & fake activity on SoundCloud is something our Trust & Safety team is tackling every day. If you see this happening on SoundCloud, you can block & report these accounts so the team can investigate, make out patterns, and suspend these accounts in bulk, given they do infringe SoundCloud's Terms of Use.

All the best