Mojoheads Records asking to sign tracks they haven't even listened to.

The usual thing happened when I uploaded a track today with it getting instant likes but no plays. Something new was a comment about wanting to sign, or as they spelled it "singn" the track. The comment was by someone calling themself Label Manger who was making loads of similar comments at the same time. The label they work for is called Mojoheadz who seem to specialize in novelty EDM versions of Christmas songs like Jingle Bells.

I checked some of the other tracks he wanted to "singn" and they had zero plays too.

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Ha ha ha! This is unbelievable. I was checking the Mojoheadz fake A & R spambots and noticed some were currently active so I quickly uploaded an unfinished track that is basically just drums and within 15 minutes "Logan" ( ) had left a message wanting to singn it.
I even called the track Mojo Skam and wrote "Bait for Mojoheadz Records spambots." in the description.
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I've had one of their messages too but from a different spambot. I also looked through the things they want to sign, and they'll be asking about unofficial remixes of pretty major tracks, or they'll be asking to sign tracks that have been uploaded by real record labels. I think that's proof that they just spam new uploads with specific tags like techno, electronic, EDM without listening or even reading titles and descriptions.
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You should.
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Black PR) It's your accounts?
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MojoHeadz records is the best place to start.
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Hi there,

If you believe there is fake / spammy activity coming from another SoundCloud account, please block & report them as outlined here. This way, our Trust & Safety team can review such accounts and act accordingly.
I uploaded the same drum track again 30 minutes later and this time called it "Mojoheadz Fuck Off".
A&R Manger ( ) wants to singn an unfinished track called "Mojoheadz Fuck Off" to Mojoheadz Records. I'm tempted to submit it.

ahaha.. this is a genial idea!
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There's a Reddit thread coming to the same conclusion, that they are scammers based in Russia:
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MojoHeadz records is the best place to start.

ENDEGO is the owner of Mojoheadz Records.