MojoHeadz Records. Are they scammers or just spammers?

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I didn't know there was already a thread about them. I just started a new one:
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I've found the source of another of their stolen pictures:

Bill ( ), one of the few profiles where they have written "manager" correctly instead of "manger".

This is actually Matt LaVoice:

Also they've decided to rename one with the the most spambot name possible, Auto Manger, and given it the same photo as Label Manger.

and Label Manger has been given the job of "Bot Manager".

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The 72 input SSL console at Mojoheadz studio.

The 72 input SSL console at Architekt Music in Butler, New Jersey.

Full image here:

Even though Architekt have now sold the desk I doubt Mojoheadz could afford to have it shipped to Russia with the money from Spotify streams of Jingle Bells.
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There's a Reddit thread coming to the same conclusion, that they are scammers based in Russia:
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MojoHeadz records is the best place to start.
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MojoHeadz records is the best place to start.

ENDEGO is the owner of Mojoheadz Records.