My accound says that I am following a number of profiles that I have never decided to follow. . .

  • 20 November 2016
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First off, I don't follow that many people on soundcloud. My account reads 51 at the present time, so I have a pretty good idea of who should and shouldn't be on my feed.
A few days/weeks ago I noticed that I was following a profile called Rap-Up, which I don't actually recollect ever having chosen to follow but instinctively thought that I must have done so for some specific reason that I don't recollect. Still, it's hard to make any sense of it since the profile only reposts other peoples' tracks and doesn't have any of its own, which is a type of profile that I'm not really in to. But whatever. . . as I said, there might have been some reason that I don't recall.

Today, I noticed that I was following a bunch of profiles with similar logos and whose names all finish with STARZ (HOUSE STARZ, BASS STARZ, DUBSTEP STARZ, RAP STARZ, EDM STARZ & TRAP STARZ). They're all related to
I definitely did not chose to follow these profiles and find this situation quite alarming. Already, the situation with all the fake accounts, phishing, etc. is annoying, but this indicates that it's possible for someone to simply reach into my account and alter it.

I sincerely hope that Soundcloud is making an effort to avoid that its platform becomes an uber-chaotic wild west. It wasn't particularly easy to find a place to report this and I'm not even sure that this post will get anywhere. . . Hopefully it will.

Thanks for noticing and helping.

6 replies

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Hi Devin,

Sorry about the troubles you've been seeing. I've reported to our Trust & Safety team now, and have made sure your followers are being recalculated from our backend properly.

Thank you and all the best
Thanks for the help!
Hi Mathis, it seems I've the same problem as Devin !

Thanks for your help !
I have the same issue as well. I've tried blocking Bass Starz and still it keeps showing up. I've also tried reporting them but nothing changed. I never follow bot sites and I always delete spam instantly (without clicking on any links). To me this seems like a breach on your side. It would be great if you could help me out here because it's completely spamming my Feed and ruining an otherwise nice experience that is soundcloud.
Same problem with those STARZ Accounts. Please fix this! I'm paying for a premium experience on this platform and that is not what I would consider one.
Hey, I haven't had this problem but my best advice for the time being is change your password and security questions. Make sure your account info is protected.

Sorry to hear your troubles mate. I hope the actions of other posters on this thread are followed up.