MY ACCOUNT GOT DELETED! (without any reason?) (please fix!)

  • 18 March 2018
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Ok, so my account "NYY" got deleted recently. I released around 100 original tracks on this account, and it took a long time to get as many followers as I had(722). This is actually depressing, 2 years of my life thrown away. I hope you could fix this and get the account up running. I recently posted a remix of "calling" by Tobu. This remix had no vocals and the whole remix was all original. Around two minutes after the remix was published, I tried to log into my account again, aaaand... "Oh no! we cant find that user"?!?
I hope it is possible to get my account back up. It took hour´s of learning and producing to get where i "was". And to get it clear, ALL content was original and made by me in Logic Pro X.
Please Get My Account Back
my accounts link:

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