My account got hacked! What should I do?

  • 7 January 2016
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If you believe your account has been hacked, follow these steps:

  1. Set a strong password, using our tips here.
  2. Revoke any connections to your account.
  3. Add a secondary email address to reduce the likelihood of getting locked out of your account
  4. Remove any inactive, or unknown, email address connected to your account

If you aren’t able to access your account, please review and file a ticket via this article on our Help Center.


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19 replies

How to recover deleted tracks??

My account has been hacked and deleted the tracks and I do not have them saved, how do you recover?
My email has been changed in soundcloud, to something that could be our email, but is not.
When I go to open that email (I manage a bunch for various podcasters, so it was very likely we set up a new one but I missed making note of it) I don't appear to have the usual password for that podcaster. The recovery email is to some address (gmail only shows the first two letters of the email) that none of us have.

I need to upload, can't without confirming email, and the email is not one we use.

What is happening.
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My account was hacked last night and my song was no longer on my page , I don't know how this happened it it possible for my song to be recovered with the same stats ?
I tried logging in to my old account DJ D1ed, and it just keeps saying my info is wrong, the page is still up, it hasn't been deleted, or altered, yet. Is there anyone who can help with a solution?
I just noticed that my number of tracks is no longer
Hi, my soundcloud account has been hacked.
Ive created this page like 4 years ago and before a year ive started to share it with my friend.. now he stole my account, deleted the ORIGINAL email and kicked me out! I dont how it is possible, how he can go over the Primary email??!
Please help me im so Nervous he stole it for me!!
Please chek it and restore the account for the original email..
The original email the account was created by:
I can prove i own this.. i also have pictures of his proccess trying to changing the mail
I logged into my soundcloud today to find that my profile name was changed and my URL was also changed. The old URL was and now it is

Any help on getting my url back would be much appreciated.
Yesterday I received a mail to reset my password, but I never wanted to reset my password.
Now, I opened my Soundcloud, but my entire account is gone.

Ticket Nr: 533072

My Soundcloud:
Some of my tracks:

Now there's a new account 'air' on my Soundcloud URL.
How could this happen?
And what about the account-reset mail?
Early this week, I received a mail to reset my password, but I never wanted to reset my password.
Now, I opened my Soundcloud, but my entire account is gone.
Is it possible to get all my uploaded tracks?

Ticket Nr: 533072

My Soundcloud:
Some of my tracks:

Now there's a new account 'air' on my Soundcloud URL.
How could this happen?
And what about the account-reset mail?
Hi my account was requested to have an unauthorized email change . Can you please help . The unauthorized email is

Hello everyone,

I’m an aspiring artist from Poughkeepsie, New York. In just a year I’ve built my own cult following using Soundcloud. With only 50 songs on my profile, I gained roughly 1,500 followers, & 778K plays. My soundcloud means the world to me. It’s where I release all my music & I even use it to gain revenue to provide for myself. My SoundCloud is where my fans, friends, & family go to access my music. I’ve even had record label meetings with Atlantic Records, & Roc Nation because of the exposure I’ve received from my Soundcloud page. Recently it was hacked for about the fourth or fifth time. No exaggeration. This time they deleted every song, every follower, every play that I earned. It says my account was restored but there is literally nothing on my profile. No songs, no plays, no followers, no anything. My profile means the world to me & I NEED my account back. Please help me!
the url was hacked from a friend of mine a while ago and the guy has gotten away with it for ages can support please do something?
My account was recently hacked with hundreds of thousands of fake plays and hundreds of new followers. This is crushing my inspiration and integrity as an artist. I do not want to delete my account, I've had it for years and I am gaining a decent local reputation. How can I stop this? I've already reset my password and revoked all connections.
Around 1 year ago someone deleted my account. I still have the log in. Is there any way I could recover my old account?
all my old songs deleted, my most popular song just got deleted. my account has been taken down before for no reason too

how do I fix all this
A music group (or something) called AUDISQUAD hacked into (at this time) two soundcloud accounts. One with 3.15 million followers. The first account had their link changed/stolen, unreleased songs released, one song file being replaced and the rest deleted. The second hacked account had the link changed/stolen but as of now no songs have been removed.

Something needs to be done about this before it gets out of hand. One talented artist has lost all of his stats on his tracks and he isn't happy about it. Imagine the damage they could cause considering they have an account with 3 mil followers.

This account is also one of the AUDISQUAD members and if I had to guess it was also stolen judging on the followers but I can't say for sure.
If something doesn't happen here pretty soon, I'm canceling my subscriptions. This is basic stuff any functioning internet platform should be well on top of from day one.

Soundcloud's response here is completely negligent.

This afternoon I uploaded a mix, I started to advertise, do design services, when I came across my account hacked, I saw tainted random songs, and deleted my new set. That was already being released. I had comments. Please help me, it is a very big loss, recover all comments.
Please help me.