my account has disappeared/been deleted.

My account of about 5 years has been deleted and i see many people have had the same issue in the past, i'm unsure of my URL but my username was "wesb". I would really appreciate some help thanks.

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Hey Wesley,

Ayayay, that's a huge responsibility you're asking for here... but let's see, maybe I can at least help get to the bottom of this.

Usernames are not unique on SoundCloud, and our backend will only look for active accounts when running a search query for a username. Thus, I won't be able to narrow down the search on my end.

However, this doesn't mean all hope is lost. If you had uploaded content and ever shared any of your tracks, you could still find out the URL through the link you've shared. If you remember the email address you've used on the account, you can go through the "Forgot password" process and thus get access again. These and other tipps can be reviewed here on our Help Center btw.:

If this also doesn't bring us closer to the solution, please reach out to our Account Access team here. They are using a different set of tools and will go through a bunch of personal data which we do not ask our users to share on the Help Community due to its public nature, so they might still be able to help with this.

Hope we can find your account and figure out what happened to it soon.

All the best
Hello and thank you for your response @Mathis,, the only thing I could acquire is my user ID which is: 973033792720787. Is this any help to get my account back?
@Mathis could you help me I am having the same issue could you check out my questions and see if u can help
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