My account was deleted for no reason and I got no message by SoundCloud

I was editing my account putting my Email, Twitter and Youtube links and suddently I got disconnected.
I tried to reconnect but it was impossible. I search KonanBeats on the ''Search Bar'' and KonanBeats doesn't exist. I went to Twitter to click on my links and it says that my account doesn't exist.
Please help me, please.
Link :

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Same happened to me 😕
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Hi there @Konan,

Thanks for getting in touch. I've checked in with our Trust & Safety team about this. It appears that your account was detected as spam for sharing a blacklisted link (http://****z.e**************s.***d.**n/) and, as a result, suspended from SoundCloud. However, we’ve now restored your account, and so you should be able to access it again as normal.

In order to protect SoundCloud users from malicious sites, certain sites are blacklisted by our anti-spam systems, so any accounts sharing these links are automatically suspended. We hope you understand why this is the case.


@Lasko Please reach out to the team directly via the contact form to see why your account has disappeared (which can have a number of reasons, so the team will have to investigate).
Thanks a lot ! And I never spammed my account I don't remember me doing that... But whatever thanks a lot !