my account was terminated

  • 3 December 2015
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your email section isn't working - I tried that route first but it won't send. I made this a private discussion.

My Account was terminated for a mash up of Adele Hello - This was apparently my 3rd strike in the 6 years I'be been with soundcloud. Now hear me out please -

First of all, I understand you as a platform are now being hounded by major labels to comply with strict copyright laws as well as try to maintain your likeness with artists like myself and it has to be a very challenging road. I'm not denying that soundcloud is probably in a tough position.

I am an artist who has built my entire career on soundcloud - it's taken many years to get to a healthy profile of mostly original works and is the platform that has helped me launch huge gigs with artists like justin timberlake (I got to open for his concert in LA live on CW, Pitbull etc.) so many amazing things have happened for me from your platform.

I will say that until yesterday - having my account taken down, I never fully read the copyright laws on here. I honestly thought strikes were just an oops on my end and the track taken down. That fair act is a bit confusing though. I always credit originals and never make the track downloadable/ and it seems as if the covers are ok... but that doesn't matter

I am an artist who enjoys music and always buys, never cheats the system on music. I can assure you I will never post a mashup again. I really am sorry and I wish people like myself were given like a suspension for a week or 2 but not a full termination while we become accustomed to these even stricter laws. I wish there was a way to display creative material like i did with giving money to the originals.

I'm not a rich person, you are targeting artists who don't have funds to just throw together a fully functional new platform that I've taken years to build with you. Please help me as I actually had sent a long private playlist of my own works to labels the same day you terminated me. Everyone wants private soundcloud links.

I hope from one human to another you can understand my concern and sincerity. I know you have a business to run but please have mercy on my account. I will comply fully from here on out now that I was forced to sit and read every detail on your copyright law. I've been part of the soundcloud supporters since the beginning and feel like I've just been dumped by an automatic system for a strike on a mashup.

Please greatly consider giving me back my entire career on your platform. Being an artist is hard enough - and crediting/driving traffic to soundcoud has been what so many of us do. I truly appreciate your consideration


3 replies

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Hi Heather,

Sorry but only our Copyrights team can help you with this. Reach out here.

Hi Heather,

Sorry but only our Copyrights team can help you with this. Reach out here.


I can't file a dispute form soundcloud from this account showing no record of what happened. Is there another way to reach them?
Hi Heather,

Sorry but only our Copyrights team can help you with this. Reach out here.


Gina please how do I reach the copyright team? I click on the link you gave me but from this account I don't have any copyright issue so all it says is that I have nothing filed against me but I need to dispute my terminated account. Who do I email? Thanks