my band can't be searched

  • 11 November 2015
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My band account has had views and likes, but you can't search for us. If you have a link to the page it works fine but we don't show up when you search our name. This is a huge problem and I can't figure it out. I already edited the url so it isn't User-891797 blah blah. I don't know what else to do

5 replies

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Hi Alabaster,

Is the name of your band Alabaster? If not, can I have the name of your band so I can search it and see whats up?

Also, could you post the URL to your page?

Andrew (Alias AM)
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Hi Alabaster,

So here is the standard reply we give those with similar question:

Thanks for seeking clarification on how our search works. We would like to let you know the following, which should help to alleviate your concerns regarding search results.

Our search relies on an algorithm called ‘Discoranking’ (which stands for “Discovery Ranking”) which returns the most popular results first. Discoranking pulls the search results based upon a variety of variables including the wording of your search and the popularity of profiles.

Each track and artist has a "DiscoRank" that is calculated by a wide variety of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to; the number of likes, reposts, and followers associated with specific tracks and accounts. Not only does the number of your own followers give you a higher DiscoRank-- we also consider how many followers your followers have and so on. The more “influential” the network of followers you are associated with, the higher your DiscoRank will be. As you can imagine, this network could go on forever!

All of these factors work together to give the most popular and relevant results for a search. For example, even if you input an exact Profile URL into search, there may be profiles which have a wider network of popularity which will rank higher than an exact word match.

It is important to note that an account’s Display Name is just one of many variables which affect your position within search results; your popularity remains the dominant factor in Discoranking algorithms.

Therefore, the fact that more than one account can now have the same Display Name will have no impact on search results.

I hope this allows you to understand the search results you're seeing more comprehensively. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Let me sum it up in a nutshell for you. Our search works kind of like Google. The more you get searched the higher up the ranks your profile will climb. It takes A. promotion efforts on your behalf and B. time. You just created the profile 2 days ago so your profile is super fresh.

Give it time and get your band out there.

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Hi, I have a problem with finding my account (user name) on souncloud, my display name is "Rocco G", when I type it on the searcher i don't find my account. I don't know if it's souncloud's problem or if there's an issue with my name or settings. Hope someone can help me with this.
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when i search for my name there is no miniature showing even if there are only few that are similar when i type enter then it says no match found but im the first entry how is that possible??
ok i here is the thing i put the full title of my song and it doesnt come up on search listing