My following count is incorrect

Hi Soundcloud,
My following count is incorrect after I unfollowed some people, could you fix the problem and update my account please, I need help.


Ghost Rari

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Did it still have the people on your list?

Most the times it does the numbers wrong.
No, anyone in my liste but when I'm on my profile I can see "2 following"
Well if it shows no one in the following thing when you click it there is no problem. If it says "2 following" and no one is in your following list everything is fine it just means there was a small glitch in the count.
Please press solved if this helps
yes I understand, but I would to see my profile updated and see "0" following. Is anyone can fix the glitch ?

I don't think so. I'll check.
I can't find anything about that but I know it is just a small counting glitch. If you aren't following anyone and it says you are, if you or someone else clicks on it and sees you are not following anyone they will know. If I find anything else that will help I will message you.
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Hi there,

@Blue wolf - thanks for helping with this, much appreciated!

@Ghost Rari - this issue is due to a caching delay on our end. I have triggered for your followers to be recalculated on the backend now. Please give this 24 hours to fully process.

Thanks for hanging in there!

thanks @Blue wolf and Mathis, the problem is resolved 🙂
Hi guys, I got the same problem again... could someone fix it please

I'm having the same issue. My following count says 109 but I only follow 47 people. Can someone fix the glitch?
Yeah, I'm having the same problem. Im only following 3 people but it keeps saying 8 and when i sign into my other account, it still says the same thing. Can you fix this glitch please? My account: C TOGA
Hi. My following says 3 but I am not following anyone. Could anyone fix this please!

I'm having the same problem. Unfollowed everyone to start fresh. It should be "0" but it says "6."
please help.

Thank you!
My following count is incorrect. I'm only following 7 but it says I'm following 8. Can you help me out? @Mathis (Profile Link)
Im currently following 0 people but for some reason my following count wont go below 3, can soundcloud support fix this? or do i need to make a new account??? Profile link:
Hey Souncloud Moderator, Fix my (FOLLOWING) Number, Reset it to 0. Thanks In Advance. I really appreciate it!...
I'm having the same problem. Unfollowed everyone to start fresh. It should be "0" but it says "1"
please help. My account :
I'm having the same problem, I follow 3 and it displays 4, this my account: