My Music is saying it not available for my country, when it never said it before

  • 24 January 2017
  • 7 replies

I went to Check out my stats on my soundcloud and 11 of my tracks were missing.. Luckily for me I liked my own tracks because the tracks was only visible through my likes. When I went to view the Track my music was unavailable stating "This track is not available in United States" Ive tried taking off the privacy switching up the GEOBlocking and still nothing... Does any one know whats going on ?

7 replies

I am having the same problem. I just posted a podcast that I created and it says that it is unavailable in my own country??? This must be fixed.
Me too. Does anyone who works at Soundcloud actually read/respond to posts on this forum?
Same problem with me. Not available in the country I uploaded from.
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Hi there everyone,

If this issue persists for you, please provide the link to the track in question as well as your location for further investigation.

Not available in the US - Thank you.
Mine appears to have corrected itself. Weird.
Actually now it's back to normal.