• 3 March 2018
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My profile/account ( got deleted for no reason! We had only one upload and we had FULL RIGHT to it! It was a track signed to our label. But outta no where it just completely dissapears. Please get my account back again soundcloud. Or if anyone knows how to fix this please help. 😞

9 replies

Me too @Mathis Please help
I guess the account is back now lol?
Anways, thanks for the help @mathis-6894504
Hey Mathis!? i filed a ticket like a day you have any idea how long it might take to hear something back? i had reasonably new account that was deleted..plenty of tracks liked and artists followed..i really wouldn't want to do all the work again and explain this situation to every contact that i made so far..
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Hi Niels,

Sorry to hear this has happened to you. Please note that this is the Help Community. Moderation on the community is limited, but I'm trying to catch as much as possible and help. We're always greatful when other users help out on the forums, as many questions can be answered this way.

In your case, however, it sounds like it will be most efficient to reach out to our Trust & Safety team for a more in depth investigation to figure out what might have happened. You can do so here, and someone from the team will get back to you via email.
It doesn't matter anyways. I've created a new account. I just feel like the soundcloud team is a little lazy sometimes
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You created your topic on Saturday. Today is Sunday. Sorry, but nobody has decided to come into work this weekend.
I created this topic 1 day ago and no one from the SoundCloud team has helped me yet -.- '
I'm starting to get frustrated.

my account has been deleted as well, without any reasons..just great
Thanks for helping no one 😉