My SoundCloud is in German now...

  • 12 April 2019
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Ever since I left SoundCloud a "piece of my mind" on their lack of support in a community post, my SoundCloud has changed to German with seemingly no way to switch the language back to English. I also qualify for monetization, yet i'm told i'm not. Are my numbers incorrect then? because you left guidelines, guidelines were followed, and then met, and you haven't fulfilled your end. Instead of telling me I do not qualify, how about an explanation as to why I have the numbers sitting in front of me telling me I do qualify, and why there is a discrepency. This is very unproffessional. I have over 230 tracks on this website and have been a big supporter while others moved on to other platforms, and this is the thanks I receive? You guys have to do better... Better at communicating with paying subscribers, better support services where you can send an email or speak with a representative of the company, better at doing what you say will be done when milestones are met. You may think, "forget this guy it's 1 guy, screw him," but you will notice a difference in the Philadelphia area market if you decide to continue to give me the runaround. As an influencial member of the community, my experiences I share with others will be spread around. I would like to be able to pass around good news about my experiences with SoundCloud, not the opposite. From what i'm seeing in blogs from THOUSANDS of users though, you haven't monetized anyone, and it's a scam. So you may want to QUICKLY release a statement before the whole website falls off the map.

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Hey Sounds Madethebeat,

On your mobile device, the language of the app will follow the system language. On your computer, you can change the language on the website on the right hand side, under the black icons for the App Store and Google Play Store.

In terms of your eligibility - I'd recommend to continue posting tracks to stay consistent on your content and to gain more plays. It looks like your overall plays - according to your stats page - are just over 1k for the past month, so chances are the system is not taking a bunch of them into account due to them coming from a country that is currently not considered eligible. Note that this is not something that I can control from my end, but I've forwarded your feedback to the relevant team.

I understand your frustration about this, but I hope you can soon sign up for the program.

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