My Soundcloud profile has been ruined. Any good alternatives?

  • 28 January 2017
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My profile has been completely ruined as tracks from other artist with the same name has been appeared. It is a complete mess now, and is just pointless to use it..

Is there any good alternative that I can trust? I was thinking on YouTube..


8 replies

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This happening a lot. It's either old tracks being added to artists' accounts without any permission being asked, or tracks from different artists with the same name being added to the wrong account.

Nobody should be allowed to add tracks to another user's account. That is hacking.

And rights-managers shouldn't be allowed to create new, spammy-looking accounts under the artist's name to upload these tracks either.
Exactly, or at least I should be able to hide those bloody tracks. Now I just need to find a new place to move my tracks, as it is just totally pointless to upload anything to Soundcloud. 😞
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This is account of the label that the other artist is on:
They probably don't know this has happened but it should be easier for them to sort out if you send them a message.
It won't be them that made the mistake. It will most-likely be their digital distributor.
Their artist is \\GT// .
Thanks for the research. 🙂 I think that I will just give it up as this would be a huge issue in the future, and I don't want to message record labels every time when someone posts a track on my profile. Luckily I don't have a pro account anymore, otherwise I would be very sad.
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Hi GTee,

Sorry about the confusion with this. If this has happened once, it is unlikely to happen again actually. Depending whether these tracks are tracks that you have created or tracks that another artist with the same artist name has created, there are different ways to sort this out.

If the tracks are from another artist / band with the same name: As we've launched our SoundCloud Go subscription, some tracks have been mistakenly uploaded to your profile as part of our ingestion for the extended catalog SoundCloud Go offers. Our team is currently working on removing these tracks from mistaken profiles but we need help identifying them. Please fill out this form ( and let us know the details of this issue.

If these tracks are tracks that you've created your self though, then the reason you’re unable to delete or edit these tracks is because they are managed by either your label or distributor. In order to prevent errors caused by conflicting updates to tracks, changes to automatically managed tracks have been restricted. For more information about this, please contact your label or distributor directly. They will hopefully be able to clarify the situation for you soon.

Thanks for your cooperation with this. We really appreciate your patience and hopefully we'll have everything up and running again for you shortly.


Thanks for your answer. I've already filled the form, but no luck.

This other artist probably doesn't even have a soundcloud account, so I cannot provide a link.

I'm producing electronic music and they are playing psychedelic rock... So you can imagine that I don't want to show my profile to anyone anymore... There should be an option to hide these unwanted tracks... Its ridiculous that we don't have control over our own page.

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Hi again GTee,

Thanks for following up. I've pinged the team to look into this. Hoping we can soon help with this!
Thank you so much for your help!! They have gone!! You made me very happy.

Now its time to change my artist name to avoid these conflicts in the future. 🙂