Need some help with piracy

  • 11 March 2018
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An associate of mine, "Bimbo Virus", is having trouble with a person who is blatantly and obviously ripping off his content.

For reference: here's my associate's track "Cock Dumb", produced in 2003 and recently put back up publicly:

...And here's the pirate's track, "Cock dumb"

It's the same track. My associate runs a patreon where he posts these files. This is literally his job.

Additionally, these files are hypnosis, and pretty powerful stuff at that. Bimbo Virus does content warnings for his work; the pirate does not. This could potentially be a safety issue. Indeed, my associate has had others within the hypnokink community go after him because pirates reupload his work without any safety warnings!

Now, my associate has tried to deal with this problem. It's not hard to see which of these two channels is the real deal, and who is stealing content. The problem is, it requires him to file a DMCA claim, using his real name and address, which, for a variety of reasons, he does not want to do. He's been doxxed and attacked numerous times, and at that point, stopping someone from pirating his content is just not worth the hassle needed to do something like that.

So I guess I'm asking here - is there anything you can do about it?


5 replies

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It might have been an idea to add an "Images NSFW" warning at the start of your post.

If your friend files a copyright dispute his address wouldn't be shown to the offending party. It's possible his name won't get shown either, but he could create a label name that his recordings are released under so they would be owned by the label name, and that is what the other person would see, along the lines of "your track xyz contains the following copyrighted content: track zyx by artist x owned by label w".

Alternatively you could list a few more A & B examples here. There have been some recent succesful take-downs of people posting stolen tracks done this way. I think SoundCloud operate a 3-strikes-and-you're-out system for people abusing copyright so three or more examples should get the profile deleted, not just the tracks.
AUGH I responded to this and somehow my response got deleted!

Short version again:

- That's really useful information, I'll pass it on.
- Whole buncha pirated stuff:





...Part of the problem is that a lot of this stuff is behind a patreon paywall, but I bet that we can find a way to give a moderator access if they can resolve the situation.
Any chance we could get some help with this?
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Hi there,

It looks like this case has already been addressed. Just in case, please see here to learn how to make a copyright claim.