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  • 29 April 2017
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Hi, I am a musician and I am looking for a site to show-case my material. After reviewing Utube it looked like SC was perfect but after having made a new account the opening page is set out with "likes, Playlist, following..." rather like a Spotify or something....not what the uTube clip indicated at all.... it has the look and feel of a music browser rather than for someone like me who wants to 'shop window' my material.

Secondly and as all the material I want to show is my own, what is the copyright angle?

I will be grateful for anyone who can put me in the right direction.

Thanks and regards

1 reply

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Hi there Alex,

Hmm, SoundCloud might still be the right platform for you. Or at least one of them 😉 I'd recommend you to start here on our Help Center for your first steps. After that, see here to learn how to best cater your audience with your content.