No one is getting back to me

  • 26 June 2017
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I have no idea how to get Sound Cloud Support to help.
I have tried tweeting to support, but no answer.
Can someone tell me how to get my password reset?
I have one of those emails that seem to have issues in the form of
I am desperate to get this resolved.

9 replies

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Hi there,

Please see here for more info.


P.S.: There's an overview of our Support resources available here:
@Mathis, thanks for the info - and I've tried that route.
When I try and do a password reset, nothing comes back to my email.
I believe because it's in the form of
I even tried to add a personal email account that was in a different form as in
I need someone to help with this.
@Mathis Can you look this over and see if you can fix some things on your side of the house? -

Something in configuring your email headers and such might be the issue (as also with other people)

@Mathis Here is something my support people sent me - Please ask your 3rd party to comply with oracle postmaster guidelines provided here - and if the issue still persists, ask them to send a test email to with ticket#170629-002553 in the subject line. They must also include required details of the email bounce in that test email that they had received from Oracle
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you've had so many troubles with this. It looks like you were able to sign in recently and your email address is properly confirmed on our end - given it sounds like this was the initial issue, are you all set?

I also checked to see if I could find an email from the address that's tied to your community account, however wasn't able to locate it. If you continue to have issues with this, please set up a ticket through our Help Center so someone from the Account Access team can take a look. You can do this here.

All the best
This has not been resolved.
I went in this morning, clicked send password reset - and nothing happened.
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Hi again,

Sorry to hear that. I noticed you've now reached out to our Account Access team - I've just reached out to them to check if there's anything else I can do to support this case being resolved and they let me know you'll soon receive an email back from them. Just as a quick heads up - there's a process being Account Access to ensure there's no unauthorized access by any third party to your account, so you might be asked to answer a set of verification questions.

All the best to you, and thank you for your persistence and patience on this.

Ok. I also put in my personal email in case that is a way, but nothing. It's important we get this worked out because we'd like to use this service more. There are more internal places that want to use SoundCloud as official accounts so the email header you are sending out it getting flagged as spam.