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  • 26 July 2017
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My account won't show any tracks displayed by others nor will it show anything on my page. The only thing it shows is who I follow, my followers, last 24 hr plays etc. so it doesn't seem like my uploads have caused this. I can confirm that some of my followers can still see their homepage as well as my posted tracks but with my account I cannot see anyone's tracks not even my own.
Hopefully this thread will get an answer, because soundcloud has no real online support for issues that aren't as popular.
Side note, soundcloud works fine with my account on mobile.

See attached file for screenshot of what is going on.


7 replies

Forgot to add, but this is another screenshot of the page but not on my profile view. Totally blank on the track titles.
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Hi Jacob,

Looked into this and had to pass it on to our engineers. Hope they can sort this one out from our backend for you. :)

Thanks a ton!! Hopefully we can get it sorted out. @Mathis Again, super thanks for the speedy reply and for passing on my odd issue to the engineers!

@Mathis Could you let me know when they think they can fix this? I have several new tracks coming out and would be helpful to know what the deal is and when I can schedule everything.

@Mathis Do you know if they gave you a time-line for when it would be fixed? The problem is still active, and its been almost a week.
All set! Thanks @Mathis for the help