Not able to log in on the android app since an update - Sony Xperia / Android

Hi, I too am facing sign in problem on XPERIA XZ. Google as well as Facebook login attempts results in "Error: Unknown" pop up -
same as Toma's screenshot above. The issue seems to have started after a recent soundcloud update. I'm able to log in through my laptop though.
Android 7.1.1
SoundCloud V 2017.05.08-release

Thank you.

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Same here, i have a Sony Xperia X. Still no solution for rhis problem?
hi, same problem with Xperia X
I have same issue for amobth or so now.
Sony xperia xz. Tried reinstal etc. No succes tried to login on chrone abd samsung galaxy a5 and both without issues.

So please fix this
I reinstalled soundcloud app n Facebook still giving same error, xperia XZ too!!!
any response??
Yeah respons Please? I have the same struggle with my xperia z5
Nearly the same problem, cant login via soundcloud app with a Sony mobile (xperia z5 compact) android version 32.4.a.0.160. and soundcloud app version 2017.06.26-hf-release-release

I have also tried uninstall and reinstall soundcloud app, but that didn´t work , when signing in i get error message "We couldn´t sign you in, please try again" login from an other source works perfect.
Have the same problem as Diivaadh.

Has anyone found the problem ??
Have the same problem as Diivaadh.

Has anyone found the problem ??

I have right now created a suppor ticket to the helpdesk. To get things happend.
same here ... not possible to login to the webpage on windows (google chrome or mozilla firefox) nothing works ...
same problem!!!
Soundcloud is working on the problem now hope the will find a better solution than this:

Soundcloud says:
"We're currently experiencing sign-in issues on Sony Xperia devices. We are in touch with Sony in order to resolve this.

Right now, the only workarounds are a full factory reset + not using an SD card. Logging into a different account seems to work on some occasions.

Once a fix is rolled out we will post an update on our Status blog"

Hi, I've got the same problem since a week ago with my Sony xperia x after an update... Thanks for your help
Same issue here with my Sony Xperia x! Did they find a solution?
I can't log in on my sony xperia for past 10 days - so no music for 10 days!!!!!!! will sound cloud give any compensation?

more importantly when will this be fixed???!!!!
And suddenly it works, a couple a days ago I could sign in...have not been able to do so in a couple of months.