Not available in Germany ?!?

  • 5 December 2016
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after about a year joining Soundcloud I upgraded to a Pro-Account just a few days ago inter alia for the option to replace audiofiles in my profile.
So today I did replace an audiofile of one of my own musictracks - but to my surprise - after uploading a note displays on the track "Not available in Germany"!
Now it is not possible for me to play the track! But all my other tracks are still playable.
Ok, I just checked the item at SC help forum and other sources in the internet - but I have to say: I don´t understand it and I am really confused. The Soundcloud information under the link doesn´t help at all!
I really want to understand, what is going on and WHAT I HAVE TO DO to get rid of this restriction, I urgently ask for help.
Otherwise the Pro-Account would not make sense any more. Still have the money-back-guarantee..

Many thanks for a quick reply

2 replies

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Ok, here is a complement to the problem I I described yesterday:

- The problem only appears when I REPLACE the audiofile!
If I upload the same file as a new track it can be played as usual.

But still: if I RELACE the track file (e.g. with a newer version of the song) the message appears. ""Not available in Germany".
But in fact is also not available in US or GB (I tried this).

Need some advise please.
Maybe related: all of the tracks by Gotan Project are Not available in Germany (i have Go+). Why?