• 22 June 2016
  • 6 replies

One of my songs now says "Not available in you country" when it was just a week ago. I recently was partnered with soundcloud and they added a banner to my sound waves but after they did that the song became unavailable. any ideas?

6 replies

Did you find a solution to this, as it has happened to me all of a sudden.
Jesus. Is soundcloud getting moronic or what?
first I could not listen any audio, and it was no software problem. And now I notice this issue.
I am having the same problem with a song by Krewella "Team".. I have listened to it for months now and all of a sudden last week it was not available. OH, and it is a soundcloud Go+ file, in which I have a subscription.. This is ridiculous!
same problem for me
useless customer service from soundcloud !!!
this is totaly insane . Not a single explanation from them ,
and they even dont try to help you solve the problem
and i have a pro account !!! now only me when i m log in can listen
my music , but soon as other people try it say "not available in your country"
anyone had the same problem ?
Same issue here, not metter what I try to listen, I get that stupid massage, now I see that issue is ongoing more than year...gonna leave that stupid software!