Not Receiving Confirmation Email

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still same problem
I also not received an email, after adding email to my contacts . I have tried over several days and checked the obvious per your various advice above

To test it further I added 2 other emails but still nothing on either

I then joined this community to send this and I received a welcome email, but still no email confimation

Can you fix this?

Gordon Wood
I think this problem has returned. There are no email verifications being sent by soundcloud. Please help !
I have been trying to confirm my account to no avail, no email comes through from your end and I want to be able to use pictures.
This same thing is now happening to me, I got an email about joining the help community, but not confirmation email. Hope you can help!
Hey guys, for anyone that cant find their soundcloud confirmation emails. Check your spam because thats where i found mine. Its most likely there. Hope that helps!