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I signed up for soundcloud to start a side project, I have been using soundcloud for years now, and no matter how many times I click "resend", I am just not getting the confirmation email. It's funny because I got an email for joining the help community to post my concerns here, but will not receive an email for confirmation of my account. My email matches, I've added numerous accounts to my address book, I have signed in and out numerous times. NOTHING works. I am getting really frustrated, because nothing I do is helping. I need help ASAP. I wanted to post a track as soon as I started my account. Please help.


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same problem. Tried everything, just not getting the email.
Just curious, but it seems to be based off of this discussion board, that there are email delays roughly every month to 20 days. Is there an estimated time that we can expect these delays to be be resolved or a time frame of when we should expect to receive our confirmation emails? Does this problem arise when there is an influx of newly created accounts? Is there a monthly issue with the SoundCloud server?

Anything to assure myself and the other 9 commenters in the last 12 hours that this is not the end of the world and that this issue is being dealt with.

Any current details or updates on this recurring issue would be great. (To Mathis Moderator)
I'm having the same problem
Same for me guys
same here
I also am not getting the confirmation email, despite getting the email about the help community.
I am also not receiving the confirmation email. Tried all suggestions
I've added so many contacts and yet I'm still not getting my confirmation email. Is it something to do with gmail maybe?
So many people with Same problem!!!! whats going on?!!!! Pls help
Same problem, but than with a gift cards which I want to use for extend my pro-account
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Hi there,

Sorry about the troubles - we've checked in with our engineers and there was a delay in the confirmation emails being sent over the weekend, which has now been resolved. All of your are properly confirmed, so happy SoundClouding 🙂
Same issue. What's up Soundcloud!?
Same issue.!
created new email account and new soundcloud account - not getting confirmation email.
cannot gain access to other accounts I manage - not getting password reset emails.
still same problem
I also did not receive a confirmation email
Hi there I have also not received an email, I have added email to my contacts but to no avail, is there any way of fixing this? Thanks in advance.
SAME ISSUE. Please help. I wanted to have some new stuff uploaded before halloween tomorrow so this is somewhat urgent 🙂
I'm also not receiving the confirmation email. I've added the various email addresses to my contacts, and it's not in my spam box - it just isn't coming through.
Same here. I've tried both gmail and aol, hit resend confirmation at least a dozen times, checked the spam folders, etc. I'm getting e-mails from every else so it's definitely on this websites end.
I think this problem has returned. There are no email verifications being sent by soundcloud. Please help !
Here is an update for anyone else in the future that has a confirmation email that is not being received after setting up a new SoundCloud account.

1.) Skim through the comments, carefully reading the 3 solutions posted by (Mathis - Moderator).
2.) Try adding to your email addresses, then resend the confirmation email to both your Primary email and the Added email with the . (mailer refers to the beginning of your original email account, up the @ symbol.)
3.) Lastly, give it some time. It took me around 2 hours to receive my first confirmation email.

Note: Your confirmation email will expire after 50 minutes or less, so you will need to resend the request when reattempting to confirm your email. when I reattempted to send a confirmation email this morning, I received it with in 2 minutes. And if you log out of your SoundCloud account before receiving your confirmation email, you should be able to get back in as long as you are certain that you have your correct login email and password. (I logged in and out of my account multiple times over the last 12 hours before confirming my email.)

Hope this helps.
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Hi there,

Sorry about the ongoing troubles. It looks like there are still email delays for some users. Our engineers are investigating.

I have been trying to confirm my account to no avail, no email comes through from your end and I want to be able to use pictures.
This same thing is now happening to me, I got an email about joining the help community, but not confirmation email. Hope you can help!