old profile pic still shows up at google image search a long time after having changed it for a new one

  • 25 November 2015
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obviously soundcloud keeps old (invalid) profile images for whatever reasons. i come to this conclusion after having tried to kill my old soundcloud avatar at google image and after i was refused there for doing so because it has to be deleted completely (!) by the owner of the site and in my case my old avatar still hangs around in a black hole of soundcloud. not very nice. any suggestions to improve this trust & safety bug?

related to this i would like to know more about this domain:
anybody knows more about this? thanks for more informations.

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3 replies

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Hi Erich,

Try the image removal form link in this article. Also, the link is where we host images.

It says webmaster has to delete it!
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It says webmaster has to delete it!
Hi Domas,

Please see here for more info.