Old version of song played instead of new version

  • 26 December 2016
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Hi all,

I published a song "zeb" as a private track earlier last week. I made a few tweaks based off of fan feedback and released the track as public under the new title [i]"ybez"[/i ] yesterday. To do this, I uploaded the modified track using the Replace File option in the Edit track view (I have a Pro account).

However, the old version is being played instead of the new version. I decided to revert the track back to private in the meantime. This sounds like a platform bug. Any ideas?

3 replies

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can only say i've done this recently and didn't experience the problem. did you save the track after replacing the file? if you're listening via the app it could well be cached - go into settings => soundcloud app to clear cache. if desktop it wouldn't be cached in most cases but try browser refresh (ctrl/cmd+R).

So the new version is available on the Desktop website, but the old version is still being used on the mobile app and mobile website.

What's the TTL for the cache? I'm sure clearing the cache will work for my phone, but this isn't a real solution since there's no guarantee anyone listening to the track on their phone is getting the new/correct version of the track.

As a Pro customer, this is a pretty lousy experience. It's a fairly pricey service and I'm cool with paying for it cause all of the promised features are awesome, but this is just no fun 😕
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who knows mate 🙂 there was talk about this on here recently, maybe have a look. it is sometimes cleared by default when the pulse or sc app is updated. you can disallow "offline" use of individual tracks in the track settings.