One of my own mashups got copied.

  • 27 December 2018
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I am making Mashups of songs covers and films in one track and I post them with my own sound engineering and editing, accidentally I found that one of my tracks have been mashed-up without my knowledge.

I asked the up-loader to take the track down cause I had so much effort in it and he didn't cooperate.
Yet, You can notice that beginning of 6:46 it's my track only! with ALL OF THE DETAILS I'VE MADE!
You can also notice that My version have been uploaded 3 months ago and his version just one month.
Plus that his sound engineering in the beginning of his track until the beginning of mine is so different from each other and absolutely impossible to be done by the same person.
So, Please I ask for a help in that issue as I am feeling really frustrated, at least by forcing his track to be private.

this is my own version:

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