Playlist track soft-deletion

  • 3 March 2017
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Hi, I have been trying to find a track in my likes and my playlists which I believe has been deleted.
It would be better if Soundcloud just disabled a track (and skipping it during playback) instead of silently removing it from your likes and playlists, that way I could at least look up the song elsewhere, because I have no clue what it was named.
I recall part of the lyrics but they don't result in anything on google
(Hello operator, I'm on the elevator straight down all around looking for a troublemaker, a sinners kiss, i wan't with this...)

Quite frustrating.

3 replies

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It's most likely gone because the artist deleted it or made it private. it's also possible it was removed because of a copyright dispute. I don't think SoundCloud themselves are removing random tracks from playlists, however maybe a notification that a track has gone would be a good feature.
yeah, either a notification or a placeholder which still lets you view the songs page but not listen to it.
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Thanks for your feedback to the both of you, I'll forward your feedback to the relevant product team. For future reference, here's how we're currently tracking user feedback and feature requests.