Profile name/url keeps reverting to user #

  • 7 June 2017
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I just created a soundcloud account today and was assigned a generic user # as name/url. I went to profile to change the name and url following the steps posted in the help center.

I click save changes but the dialog doesn't clear. After closing it myself, it seems the name and url updated for me, but as soon as I navigate away from the page and return, or log out and log in again, the change is lost and I go back to the user # as name/url. If I type in my desired url directly it says "We can’t find that user".

Please help. Thanks.

1 reply

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Hi again IdentityCrisis,

If I remember correctly, you've asked about this before. If this issue still persists, please reach out to our support team via the contact form for a more in depth investigation to get this sorted. You can do so here. When you write to them, please be sure to list your currently URL & email address that is attached to the account in questions, as well as the URL you're going for.

Please note that we cannot free up URLs that have been blocked due to copyright infringement. If a URL is already taken, we won't be able to free this URL up for you. Please see here for more info:

Hope someone from the team can help with this.