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Please, Please, Please can I get a response to this-THIS TIME!
I understand that here are limits in place to keep someone from issuing too many messages. I got a warning BUT I kept my messages at 20 per day for 6 days week. As I understand it my those numbers are well under that which is allowed. So why did I get a warning?
And the list of "sub forum-subjects" doesn't really give me a proper choice and hasn't done so for several question/conversations of mine so I generally pick one that's sort of close-but it's not really IT.

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Hi there Lawrence,

This is a matter for our Trust & Safety team. They do not moderate on the Help Community, but can be reached via our Help Center.

Please be sure to review this article in case this is still an unanswered question for you.

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I'm soooo glad to have gotten a response to this after a month.(Do you get the sarcasm there?) And this is after I had sent other messages that either were taken down or were disappeared without much or any explanation. And I already put a similar question into them also and have gotten no response from them either!
So glad to see SC up to it's no responsive nature as always!
I will say this yet again although it does seem that anyone over there really pays any attention to what the folks say. SC needs to respect it's members and respond to them in a timely fashion as they keep the business alive and NOT the other way around!