Re-sharing my Songs on other sites, Safe?

  • 3 January 2019
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I recently posted a new song and quickly received three requests to either represent, show or Re-share the song in what is referred to as either their Sound Cloud Private Community or Sound Cloud Famous Accounts Networks. Being new to all this I am unsure what this is all about. Is this a good thing to allow my song to be shared or shown on their websites? They all seem to be linked to
Thanks for any feedback.

3 replies

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I expect if you contact any of them to say you are interested you'll be presented with a PayPal link to pay for the privilege.
Thanks for you input. Sounds logical.
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Hi there,

Please be sure to review this article on our Help Center to make sure you don't pay for a service that is actually again SoundCloud's Terms of Use.

Happy SoundClouding