Question links are deemed "unsafe" by SoundCloud!

  • 21 February 2019
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Hey, is a really handy link shortener website that lets you CHANGE THE DESTINATION URL without changing the Short Link. This is EXTREMELY USEFUL for any music collectives / record labels / etc. that are doing recurring events where the link is switching, but they need to have a non-changing link in the descriptions of all their songs so that we don't have to keep updating 100+ descriptions of every song whenever the link changes.

Can we please deem a safe website? I get it's a link shortener, but does that really mean it's just going to automatically be deemed unsafe? Seems a little ridiculous/overkill.

I'm just concerned that users will be discouraged from joining in on our open-to-anyone online music collaborations if SoundCloud is telling them "the links are unsafe."

Side note: no other service we use (BandCamp, YouTube, etc.) has this problem. All of them let the user click the link and go to the resulting submission/info page for our online music collabs.

Please fix this issue, SoundCloud! is not an unsafe website!

2 replies

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Side note: i tried to put a heart emoji (angle bracket + 3) in my post there, and it rejected it because it thought it had "HTML in the post"?!!! That's a serious programmer fail! Come on soundcloud staff, get it together 😉 you can do it!!!
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Hi there @BangerSound,

Apologies about the huge delay in responding to this. I had reached out to our Trust & Safety department about this a while back but didn't hear back from them until now. The good news is, the root domain for is no longer blacklisted, so you should be able to use it again.