Recover liked tracks from deleted account

  • 19 July 2019
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Dear Soundcloud,

I've registered on your wonderful site 7 years ago and I used it every day.
I used your cloud on my computers and on my phones - and loved it.
Sadly, a week ago my account disappeared without a trace.
I didn't get any warning nor feedback.
Honestly, I can see that choosing "FREE PORN HD" as my username wasn't a wise choice, but allow me this mistake, it was an easy prank back in the days for my girlfriend. (also I've chosen a corresponding picture from Gregorios photography, but it wasn't pornographic in my mind)

I accept your decision, it really is important to keep away SPAM accounts from the site, but I have never messaged anyone with fake websites or anything. I was not taking part in the community areas under this name. Actually I always had a good laugh when people started to follow me, I mean who is that desperate that searches adult content on a music site.

I had 1000+ music saved and I will never be able recover them, especially not in that specific order.
Can you help me? I am literally feeling that I've lost a really important piece of my soul.

I see two possible solutions:
-recovering my account and I change my name and photo ASAP
-providing my liked tracks, as well as playlists (uploading them into another new account?)

I know it is a hard situation, since I might have broken rules.
I already filled a ticket, but I am really afraid that time is an enemy in recovering data. Allow me this shortcut.

One of your biggest fan, who would never use Spotify

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