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  • 31 July 2015
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Noted that Soundcloud struck a deal last year with Warner Music concerning music licensing. From what I heard, Warner Music will be paid when music with their license is played on Soundcloud. "Warner will also be paid when its songs are cut up and worked into remixed audio that users post to SoundCloud, the companies said." (this is from the article from Fortune magazine

So I wish to ask, is it legal then to remix an unofficial remix from a Warner Music track? (let's say Bruno Mars) From the information above, it seems that if an unofficial remix is played, the revenue will fall to Warner Music so it'll be fine.

Please enlighten me! 🙂

4 replies

Not without permission directly, you can't 😕..
The following is from the official Soundcloud blog:
"You may have heard that we’ve added Warner Music Group to our list of Premier Partners. Working with them, along with other Premier Partners such as indie artist Sizzlebird, music label Spinnin’ Records, and podcast network Earwolf, is a step towards building a new creative ecosystem. We will always fight against piracy, but we are on a path that we hope will expand opportunities to DJs and producers who remix others’ content."

I'm hoping this would mean that the door is more open concerning the 'Premier Partners,' at least, including Warner Music. I know that Warner Music did not allow some of their artists', including Bruno Mars and Coldplay, tracks to be up on Soundcloud, and this obviously results in their remixes being taken down, but what about the artists the Warner Music has approved?
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Hi Zee,

Thank you for taking the time to read up on the blog! As a rule of thumb please always consult the copyright checklist before uploading. As the blog post says we taking steps that will hopefully expand opportunities for creators such as yourself but we're still on the path 🙂.

Thanks again for coming here to seek clarification and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi Gina,

Thanks a lot for the reply. I am aware that Soundcloud hopes for a situation in which both big labels and independent artists win, and I sincerely hope so because after all, Soundcloud is an enormous place for opportunity for some.
What I am still curious about is, is there a current policy in place in which unofficial remixes' plays are compensated to the original artists, so that remixers will be allowed to upload on Soundcloud? That is what I understood from the articles and presumably what Soundcloud is aiming at, but I am curious if this is set in place right now, like Youtube (using music in Youtube videos will place ads on the clips and give royalties to the original artist). Because I do not want to get a second 'strike' because I didn't know this in detail. (I know for a fact that remixing a Columbia Records track will not be allowed)

For your information, I am wishing to remix Icona Pop, who is under Atlantic Records (Warner Music) and who has given out an official studio acapella to independent artists. Also there are tons of unofficial remixes currently on Soundcloud (dunno if this is due to Warner Music not cracking down or Soundcloud not 'catching' them).

Thank you for your time. I believe this is a very sensitive and important matter to most users on Soundcloud.
If this is a copyright matter that even you aren't sure of, Gina, which is totally possible, would you be kind enough to guide me where to ask for information with lin the Soundcloud community? (Maybe the 'copyrights division' or something?)

Thanks again!!