Removal of Account

  • 7 February 2019
  • 2 replies

I am honestly quite annoyed and I think my account was deleted because soundcloud thought i was a bot. I am a music promoter on YouTube so I follow a lot of people and like a lot of tracks. I also send out a lot of messages because I need to ask artists for permission to use music. I am not a *bot*!!! I want my account back please. Who do I contact?

2 replies

Can someone from soundcloud please respond. I need my account back!!!
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Hey there,

Account Access related queries are best handled via our contact form, as other users on the community won't be able to assist with this particular issue, and our moderators cannot always spot it all and help each community member in a timely manner. Sorry to hear about this, and I hope the team can soon be of help.

In the meantime, please see here to learn about the feature use policies our Trust & Safety team had to set up due to heavy abuse of some of these features.