Removed song by the peron "Dimwell"

  • 5 March 2018
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Before I talk about my damage, I would like to talk about a producer "Dimwell"
Dimwell is a really bad person and he copies many songs from other artist as his song.
For Example:

Dimwell do like this
Dimwell - SONG NAME

And Once I reported his songs as Copyright infringement.
So this thing happened for me I guess.

Recently, I was reported 4 of my original songs by soundcloud and wrote dispute.
After that, the dispute was rejected.
So I tried to send email for
Then they said to me "We found a account reported your songs. You need to talk with the person reported you."
So I sent message to the person(Dimwell).
After 5 days ago, I checked reply.
but the person ignored me.
What should I do next?
I am losed already?
All my hard work for producing music was wasted?
I think this is the worst thing ever happened on soundcloud.

and Im really sad about this.

My SoundCloud:
All my songs were gone...

2 replies

Not only were you affected by this, but so was S2i8.
All of his tunes were mass reported, which further lead to his entire SoundCloud account get terminated.
It's nothing short of ridiculous, and if SoundCloud won't do anything about this, then this really won't set a good record for them.

Please, SoundCloud Support, I BEG of you, DO something about this.
Also just happend to me, deleted every song just to be sure.